5 Tips To Stay Healthy When Everyone Around You is Sick

03/March/2019 0 Comments
This is the perfect time to review your plan to keep your facility clean and everyone healthy during the toughest months of the year. With the extra time spent indoors during the winter this can have a negative impact on air quality and affect the health of employees. Luckily, keeping buildings clean is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep all who enter healthy! Here are some helpful tips:
  1. Disinfect Regularly – Germs spread quickly when surfaces are touched by many different people. The quickest and best way to prevent the spread of flu germs is to thoroughly clean and target high use areas such as doors, phones and coffee pots.
  2. Choose the Right Products – Your local commercial cleaning company can suggest the proper products for your facility. They will take into account the newest industry tested products as well as EPA recommendations and facility concerns.
  3. Educate Employees about their role in preventing the Flu – Allowing sick employees to utilize their paid time off when battling illness is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. The CDC encourages employees to get vaccinated against the flu and wash hands frequently.
  4. Stock Cleaning Supplies – Make cleaning supplies accessible for all employees to utilize. Encourage employees through email, meetings and posters about the importance of keeping their spaces clean to prevent the spread of germs.
  5. Skip the antibacterial soaps and sprays– Experts recommend regular soap and water or a diluted bleach solution to get the job done. Daily wipe down the faucet handles, phones, remotes and door knobs to prevent germs spreading between sick family members and friends.
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