Are you doing it right?? 5 Tips for more effective hand sanitizer use

18/April/2018 0 Comments

We love hand sanitizer! It is quick and easy, no water required way to make sure we are protected from those vicious germs all over this world. Did you know that hand sanitizer can remove 99.9% of germs when properly used?  The most effective way to remove or deactivate germs is to clean your hands with clean running water and soap. However, many times it is not possible to locate a bathroom or sink immediately. In this case, hand sanitizer is meant to be used as a convenient alternative to help reduce the spread of germs and potential chance of illness.

  1. Spread Sanitizer Thoroughly – For maximum effectiveness after applying rub sanitizer throughout the surface of hands and nails and 2” past wrist. Did you get that last part? Something new learned today!! Going past the hand to the wrist offers the best protection against those microorganisms. Friction is the key to releasing microbes from your skin, so the sanitizer can work.
  2. Size matters – Don’t be stingy with the sanitizer. At least a quarter sized amount is necessary
  3. Find what works for you – The most effective hand sanitizer is the one you love to use! Try out different brands, scents formulas until you’ve found THE one. If it feels drying, there are many formulas that have a moisturizer to help counteract the alcohol’s drying effect.
  4. Make it convenient – As a facility manager or business owner, installing hand sanitizer dispensers in your building will help encourage people to utilize them. This prevents employees from spreading sickness through your company and is great for business and overall well-being! UnicPro can help set up a proper plan for placement and take care of ordering logistics.
  5. Don’t stop with your hands – Sanitizer has so many helpful uses. Cleaning phone screens, eyeglasses, take fingerprints off stainless steel appliances, and stop mosquito bites from itching. Thank you hand sanitizer for being the Swiss Army knife of personal care!!

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