Are you in love with your commercial cleaning service?

11/February/2018 0 Comments

Was it love at first sight, or maybe you’re no longer in love with your commercial cleaning company. As Valentine’s Day approaches it is a great time to consider how your relationship with your vendors stacks up.

1 – Do we have good communication? 

Communication is huge in a relationship and we think it is huge in our industry.  Is your cleaning company constant in contact with you?

At Unic Pro we have a dedicated manager that will be responsible for visiting you and communicating if there is anything wrong with your building. Our manager is constant in contact looking for feedback and areas of improvement. If you (facility manager) have a floor care program you will have all the dates for the year ahead of time and know exactly what to expect.

2 – Do we have things in common? 

In a relationship, you should have things in common, that you enjoy doing together. Unic Pro staff and you (facility manager) share the same goal to always work to have a cleaner, safer building.

Supporting organizations that are important to our customers is also something that Unic Pro loves to support. From sending children back to school in style to donating goods to local shelters we appreciate the opportunity to be the hands and feet in the community. If you have a specific charity you support please let us know!

3 – Do we argue about the same issues over and over? 

The worst thing in a relationship is having the same fight over and over. You don’t have to worry about repeating yourself with Unic Pro.

At Unic Pro once an issue is brought up we take swift action to correct it and train those involved to ensure it does not happen again.

4 – Do I have the freedom to express my concerns and feelings? 

In a relationship as time passes your businesses and ideas will change. How great is it to have a partner to dream with you?

At Unic Pro we understand the changes that each company can go through. Business needs change and we are always open to customize, review and to make changes as the needs appear. An example of this is how we get customer’s feedback before the start of each season. Things may come up in your facility that needs to be addressed in one season and doesn’t apply for others. Unic Pro takes the time to do a great deal of research to make sure we go above and beyond with our commercial cleaning services.


Don’t you deserve to be in a relationship that loves you back? Take the time this Valentine’s day to fall in love with our commercial janitorial service. Contact us for a free, tailored service plan quote.

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