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21/March/2019 0 Comments
Unicpro is proud to offer a revolutionary disinfectant service perfect for daycare, schools, gyms, offices, medical and health facilities. Unicpro has partnered with local company Evaclean, based in Braintree, MA to bring this exciting new technology to the New England market. The Protexus system is a powerful system which can sanitize and disinfect more thoroughly than any other method.
If you run a care program such as daycare, adult daycare, school facility this is a game changer and will give your families peace of mind to know that the items that really should be regularly disinfected are being properly treated. Perfect for gyms also, a great marketing tool to let your customers know the equipment is completely disinfected. This service will benefit your employees by limiting their exposure to illness causing germs which will cut down on time off needed as well.
The Evaclean system utilizes patented Puretabs and their Protexus Electrostatic sprayer to sanitize thoroughly. The electrostatic charge of the sprayer allows droplets to attract to the surfaces rather than float in the air, as is typically associated with a mister or fogger. Unicpro’s Evaclean service allows more thorough disinfecting because the droplets are able to penetrate areas traditional cleaning methods can’t. EarthSafe has conducted OSHA and NIOSH third party testing ensuring that this is a safe and highly effective disinfectant.
Germ fighting
Unicpro is offering this additional service to all current and potential customers. It can be tailored to meet your needs and when you contact us for a quote we can give you options specific to the areas and frequency you prefer.
Click here to see a feature about Evaclean from Boston 25 News
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