End Your Summer with a Deep Cleaning

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Deep Cleaning Package

When Unicpro comes in to help get you on your way to a truly clean facility we recommend starting with a Deep Cleaning. It is a great way to end the summer and start the school year or put a buffer between your building and the coming fall/winter months. By cleaning “top-to-bottom”, and digging deep for dirt, allergens, bacteria and virus bugs, we can ensure your facility’s environment takes a giant leap forward in being the kind of clean you didn’t know was possible. Then a regular maintenance cleaning program, developed to meet your facility’s needs can maintain the clean.

Occasional Deep Cleaning… When Needed

Not every portion of your facility needs deep cleaning every week, or even every month. But the areas with concentrated daily activity, entry ways, restrooms, common areas that collect germs and bacteria … those need regular cleaning and disinfection. Then, when it’s time to deep clean again, usually every three to six months, we’ll tackle those extra tasks and keep your facility exceeding clean standards.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

The impact of a deep cleaning goes farther than just the improved aesthetics of your building. Employees, students, customers, etc. will immediately notice a freshened facility but there are more benefits including the ability to identify maintenance opportunities, health benefits and improved ease to maintaining a cleaner building.

Deep Clean

 What is included:


Additional services available:

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