Pet-Friendly Office? Yes/No

02/June/2019 0 Comments

A new trend has been popping up in workplaces, a pet friendly office has several benefits such as increased collaboration, happier employees and lower stress. There are challenges of course which have been exasperated with the increasingly “open concept” office structure that has become more and more popular.

To companies that are asked about their pet policies or have been considering a move to dog friendly office spaces it is highly suggested that insurance requirements be reviewed, open communication with all staff and a trial period allow for a non-committal yet real life scenario to play out.

An article published on Cleaning & Maintenance Management’s website points to 4 critical policies employers should do to ensure that having a pet friendly workspace can also be safe and enjoyable for both pet owners and non-owners that will be in the workplace.

  1. Owner accountability: The dog owner must be 100% responsible for the dog’s well-being, behavior, and biological needs in the office.
  2. Pet obedience: Dogs should be obedient, potty-trained, and demonstrate good temperament.
  3. Pet health: Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, free of parasites, clean and odor-free, and at least 12 months old.
  4. Waste management: Dog owners must clean up after their dogs, inside and outside the facility; waste must be disposed of in plastic bags; and if accidents occur in the office, this must be reported to cleaning professionals.

Making sure that a commercial grade cleaning routine is a part of the overall plan is vital as well. Typical household cleaning products and methods are not enough in areas that pet accidents may have occurred. Utilizing professional janitorial services can give peace of mind that these areas are properly disinfected.


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