Protecting your facility against Coronavirus

01/March/2020 0 Comments

As reports come in about global increases and US Based Companies such as Nike closing their headquarters as a result of the 1st US Coronavirus death. The spread of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus is a real threat. Over the past week the potential for this to reach pandemic proportions is likely, UnicPro wants to help spread the word on how you can protect your facility and team against this deadly disease. With more than 88,000 confirmed cases worldwide and more being reported every day.

Having a professional cleaning company on your side will put you steps ahead as cleaning professionals like UnicPro, are the front-line of defense during critical times for health. The top commercial cleaning companies will be up to date as new information is shared and constantly analyzing the guidelines set out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CDC (Center for Disease Control).

As human coronavirus, by the World Health Organization (WHO), can remain active on surfaces for up to nine days, professional cleaners are your greatest allies in the fight against the spread of this disease. Surface Cleaning is especially important, and disinfecting should be done regularly to combat the spread of pathogens. UnicPro offers a unique service which takes the disinfecting process one step further. The EvaClean uses patented Puretabs and the innovative Protexus Electrostatic sprayer which allows droplets to attract to surfaces and penetrate areas traditional cleaning methods can’t. This is a powerful tool in the fight against Superbugs and UnicPro is proud to be one of the only cleaning companies to offer this superior disinfecting service.

Personal Precautionary Measures are the same as Cold and Flu Season but always helpful to review:

You can help prevent yourself from getting and spreading the Wuhan coronavirus–and other respiratory illnesses–by following these steps:

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