Staying healthy as the cold weather approaches

23/October/2018 0 Comments

Without the assistance of a professional cleaning company, dirt, bacteria and dust particles can build up quickly and make your office environment a very unhealthy place to work. If the bacteria gets out of control, the spread of germs will lead to increased sick time for your staff as they deal with respiratory issues, colds, flu and allergies. With staff sicknesses costing businesses millions every year, an investment in a good commercial cleaning company can really save you money.

A trained office cleaning professional will know how and where to disinfect correctly and advise on cleaning and changing filters in items like HVAC systems to maintain good air quality throughout your office. They also pay attention to the details that are often overlooked by following a comprehensive and customized cleaning service plan based on your facility’s specific needs.

Desks, keyboards, monitors, etc. will be suitably cleaned to prevent the spread of germs, it is widely known that these areas can go months without cleaning.

Paying special attention to common areas such as breakrooms, restrooms and lobbies is key to controlling the spread of bacteria as well. Coffee pots and Keurigs are often the germiest places in a building due to the frequency they are touched by a variety of people.

Some Key Facts to Consider about Cold & Flu season:

Keep everyone who enters your facility in the best of health by implementing these strategies to get rid of germs and bacteria. Contact Unicpro for a free quote and discover how we can save you time and money!

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